makes it easy to manage reunions from one central hub while allowing for sub-groups to be created for individual classes, cohorts, or groups.


Reunion Hubs:

  • Request a unique URL such as: "School-Name" or "Family-Name"
  • URLs are forwarded to your Reunion Hub making it easy for everyone to find your hub.
  • Sub-hubs can be created under the main reunion hub.


Reunion Events:

  • Collect payments for reunion events.
  • Sell products such as apparel and more.
  • Attract local sponsors by enabling them to sell directly to event attendees



  • Engage members for Crowdsourced fundraiser events.
  • Increase engagement of crowdsourced fundraising through “Gamification” of virtual events.


Communicate Efficiently:

  • Communicate Globally or to a specific Sub-Hub with "Announcements". How does it work?
  • When an announcement is posted on the main Hub, it is also posted on the Sub-Hubs.
  • When an announcement is posted on an individual Sub-Hub, it is only posted to that specific Hub’s dashboard.


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